Sea Buckle Collar
Sea Buckle Collar

Sea Buckle Collar

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This collar is not on stock, we will create for you when you order it, it will take approximately 8-10 days to get ready to ship or to pick up.


  • ribbed, strong polyester webbing with high tensile strength
  • metal hardver: stainless, welded, especielly made for dog gear 
  • buckle: high quality safety buckle
  • softshell lining: an innivative material mainly used for extreme weather activities, moisture-resistant, multi-layered and breathable


  • XS 20-30cm (20mm)
  • S 25-40cm (20mm)
  • M 25-40cm (25mm)
  • L 30-50cm (25mm)
  • XL 35-60cm (25mm)

 How to care:

  • wash at 30 degrees gentle cycle or hand wash
  • do not use bleach or strong detergents!
  • washing the products with additional vinegar in the washing machine is recommneded for taking care of the products and your washing machine will be very pleaseful for it 

"Using inexpensive distilled white vinegar in laundry will whiten, brighten, reduce odor, and soften clothes without harsh chemicals. Vinegar is safe to use in both standard and high-efficiency washers and is beneficial to septic tanks and the environment." 

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